Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ypres Cathedral

St Martin's Cathedral church in Ypres was originally built in the 1300s. During WWI it was heavily shelled and almost completely destroyed. From 1922 to 1930 the ruins were cleared and the church (no longer actually a cathedral) was rebuilt to its original design, although its tower has a higher spire than the original. It is beautiful inside, relatively light and with a soaring vaulted ceiling. Much of the stained glass appeared to be modern and very richly coloured.

I had no tripod so I had to brace my arms on a chair back to hold my camera steady. The off-centre result seems quite pleasing to me, even if it would win no prizes in an architectural photography competition!


  1. It's wonderful! Love that ceiling.

  2. Incredible shot. Thank you for sharing these treasures with those of us who may never be as fortunate to see them.

  3. I think it is beautiful, even without a tripod. If you hadn't mentioned that it is off-center, I probably would not have noticed.


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