Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A mixture of delights

Around the Kilnsey Park trail you meet various birds and animals, including this rather splendid rooster. The Park has a breeding programme for red squirrels, which are endangered in much of Britain, threatened by disease and competition from the larger and more aggressive grey squirrels. The squirrels are bred and held in large enclosures but, having known nothing else, they seem quite healthy and happy to play. The hope is that one day they can be reintroduced into the wild in this part of Yorkshire. Sorry about the mesh; it was too small to get my lens through and moving too close to the wire frightened the squirrels away.

Since I was on holiday and I'd had a good walk, I felt obliged to indulge myself with rich chocolate tart with my cup of tea - and an enjoyable browse through a lovely book of photos: Working the View, a collaborative project with photos by Mark Butler of the favourite views of various people who live and work in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, interviewed by Sarah Butler.


  1. He's a fine rooster, Jenny! I hope those wee squirrels can make a comeback - i'm not sure but I think the grey squirrels here are mostly urban creatures.

  2. A handsome rooster! Perhaps a Speckled Sussex? And what pretty squirrels!

  3. The rooster photograph is remarkable. I must have missed it in all my busy mess. The coffee and dessert inspire me. You take great photos.

  4. Jennyfreckles! That slice of chocolate cake is barely three bites worth. Go back and order a second slice!


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