Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Gateway to my holidays

I recently had a week's holiday in Upper Wharfedale, a very beautiful area that is close to my heart for all sorts of reasons. It's only about an hour's drive from home but by the time I arrive at this spot I always feel like my holiday is starting. I can feel myself relaxing into the wonderful scenery, fresh air, open spaces and the peace of the Yorkshire Dales.

I often stop off here for a walk and a coffee. I have mentioned it before on my blog - Kilnsey Park. It's a trout farm that provides fishing and a number of other family attractions: various animals and a nature trail. I think this is one of the most attractive views in this part of Yorkshire, with the fishing lake and stone cottages of the village set against the backdrop of Kilnsey Crag, a limestone outcrop that is a renowned climbing spot, with a tricky overhang to negotiate.

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  1. Lovely photo of a lovely spot. So often the word lovely is overused and thus devalued - it should be reserved for places like the Dales (and, I have to say, photographs like yours)

  2. A nice place to step and relax. I grew up catching trout. Nice post. Thank you.

  3. It looks like you had lovely weather in this wonderful area, Jenny!

  4. It is a wonderful spot very nicely captured, jennyfreckles. There are so many "lovely" places in your part of the world (using the word in the spirit demanded by Alan).

  5. It looks a wonderful spot to relax.


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