Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lion around

I am enjoying seeing Saltaire's four resident lions newly emerged from the tree canopy, one advantage of the local council's recent but controversial decision to fell the large trees down Victoria Road. They are already looking less green as the sunlight now reaches them and you can see that they are really rather well carved (by Thomas Milne) and very imposing. This one is 'War'. The others are 'Peace', 'Determination' and 'Vigilance'. I think I've shown them all at various times on this blog. (Click the 'lion' label below.)

I love too the backdrop of green fields that you can see at the bottom of Victoria Road, the aptly named Hope Hill rising up above Shipley Glen to Baildon Moor. I gave this image a bit of texture and extra colour. It's an iPhone photo and the sky was irretrievably burnt-out, except that nothing these days in photography is truly irretrievable, unless you delete your photo altogether.


  1. Love the image, Jenny. Looks like a wonderful painting!

  2. For some reason it looks to me like the lion is in front of a rather good mural. So "Hope" lies beyond "War" - a lot of people in the world hope that's true.


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