Sunday, 13 September 2015

Plotting their escape

The swallows were gathering on the telephone wires, no doubt beginning to plot their escape to warmer and sunnier climes. Who can blame them? It's a ritual that has been going on for hundreds of years but I have seen a huge reduction, in my lifetime, in the numbers of birds. I can only hope that the migration will still be witnessed when my granddaughters are nearing retirement.

(No doubt my friend, the snowbird - Naples and Hartford in Season - is also plotting his escape to warmer and sunnier climes. Who can blame him either? If you've never visited his blog, take a look. Jack takes some great portraits, as well as showing interesting photos of the north and south of the USA - depending on the season.)


  1. It 's nice to see all the different birds passing through but it is sad that it means winter is on its way!

  2. Your composition is so lovely here. Enjoyed your recent blog posts too.

  3. There is certainly a convention going on there!


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