Thursday, 8 October 2015

Candle rainbows

I just love this photo. The dipped candles seem to be made in every colour under the sun and many with lovely patterns and markings too. As well as the dipped candles they make chunky pillar candles, scented ones, marbled ones and cast ones - cupcakes, sheep, toadstools - you name it! A feast for the senses.

I have pretty much given up burning candles at home on account of the damage the smoke causes, over time, to the decor. White Rose Candles say theirs are such high quality they don't smoke... so I was tempted but not entirely convinced.


  1. I probably wouldn't even have thought of taking that shot. It's brilliant.

  2. Beautiful! My OCD wants to rearrange them in the proper rainbow order! haha....

  3. Love this all the way around. Great creativity.

  4. Beautiful colours. I used to burn lots of candles, not so much nowadays. I've had a couple of scary moments. One Christmas I bought some cheap gold ones because they were pretty. I put them on the mantlepiece but as they burnt they started sort of fizzing like a firework and scorched the wallpaper. The next very scary one was when I went to bed not noticing that a tealight was still burning, the next morning it had scorched the shelf above it. I'm very careful now!


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