Sunday, 29 November 2015

Faded forest

I desperately need to go out with my camera and get some photos. I'm running out of 'stock'. It's always a tricky time of year, when the evenings are dark by the time I get home and the weather often not conducive to walks and photography. I have been experimenting with a few processing effects on some images. I quite liked this faded forest, though it didn't really turn out the way I was trying to make it look.


  1. That's part of the fun though, isn't it? Seeing just how images turn out, either using processing effects or, for that matter, just taking straight photos. I'm never quite sure what I'm getting anyway!

  2. It's very effective, I think...I love the sepia tones and the light shining through the trees.

  3. I think it looks wonderful Jenny, ethereal almost.


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