Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Route 696

Not quite Route 66 but National Route 696 is still significant. Also known as the Airedale Greenway, it is a cycling and walking route that connects Shipley to Keighley along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal towpath. There is the odd muddy puddle but on the whole it's a well-maintained route with a good surface and only gentle gradients. Sharing the towpath between cyclists (some of whom ride at a cracking pace!) and pedestrians can be a bit of a nuisance but most people are considerate of other users. I sometimes feel I need a sign on my back that says 'deaf' as I don't hear cycles or their warning bells coming up behind me; I've learned to walk on the edge of the path! But if I was a cyclist I'd feel far safer on the Route than on the roads. Added to which, the scenery is interesting and attractive.

Since I took this photo I noticed the post and sign have disappeared... Considered a hazard for cyclists,  perhaps?


  1. There seems to be the same issue here on such paths so somehow people will have to sort it out and get along.

  2. This is a situation where your deafness puts you at a distinct disadvantage. If I am on a bicycle and coming upon a pedestrian walking in the same direction, I shout "On your left." You wouldn't hear that, and yet I would act on the belief that you did. Now I am wondering what else I should do . . .

  3. It is ACTUALLY route 66, route 696 is the old designation. Sustains National cycle route 66 runs from Manchester to Spurn point. Locally this is along the towpath of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

    1. Really? I didn't know that, thanks for telling me. That's even more fun then... get your kicks on Route 66!


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