Saturday, 23 January 2016

My latest project

Pack 1

The Boxing Day floods seem to have dominated life here, especially since my office is still closed and I am working from home (which has its own joys and difficulties). A close friend of mine is the Secretary of the Bingley And District Allotment Association, and you may remember photos I took at their Garden Party last summer (see here and the subsequent few days postings). The river runs right alongside their plots and sadly the allotments were completely wrecked by the flooding: sheds, greenhouses, cold frames and fences destroyed and planting washed away. Such a mess.

I spent some time wondering how I could help. The practical work needed people with some strength (ie: not me!) to get stuck in clearing debris. Then I had the inspiration to have some greetings cards made, from the photos I took, to sell to raise funds to help them recover from the devastation. I had them made by a local Saltaire firm (The Dandy Arthouse) who were brilliant to work with. I collected the packs yesterday and I'm so thrilled with the results. They look really professional, I think. Selling at £4 for four cards (a choice of two different mixed packs, as in the photos) that's less than you pay in the shops for a greetings card and they are very good quality cards (blank inside) with lovely, brightly coloured envelopes.

Of course, with hindsight, if I'd known what I would want the photos for, I'd have taken fewer people shots at the Garden Party and more scenic views. But I did manage to find eight images that I think make attractive cards.

Pack 2


  1. Hi Jenny - I think those are wonderful and beautiful photos .. and it's a great idea to raise funds to help the allotment. So sad to read about all that hard work washed away ... congratulations to you and best wishes to the allotment holders - Hilary

  2. Oh, those turned out great! And what a super idea! Best of luck in selling them...a great cause!

  3. They are beautiful! What a wonderful idea, Jenny!

  4. Lovely, jennyfreckles. I am sure they will be a big success. You have a heart of gold.

  5. These are lovely! A good use for your talent!

  6. What a great idea and project born out of you generosity. I would like to know how or where people can buy your cards

    1. Most of them have gone to individual allotment holders to sell but I have some too, so people can always email me, from my profile.

  7. Spectacular photos; and what a great idea!!


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