Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The joy of commuting!

Since Christmas until very recently, I have been working from home, as my workplace was badly flooded on Boxing Day and has yet to reopen. Working from home has many positives. I am used to it anyway as for many years I worked freelance. I already have a comfortable, well equipped office in my home so I have not been trying to work from the kitchen table like some of my workmates. It's quiet and I can really crack on without any interruptions but on the downside, sometimes it's nice to be interrupted and I have missed seeing my colleagues and enjoying the usual banter of an office environment.  A once-a-week meeting hardly compensates for the lack of stimulation and the absence of people to toss ideas around with. However, it has worked fine for me. We are now being temporarily rehoused in an office near the city centre, giving me a hour's bus commute morning and night.  I usually have a short, pleasant walk to my usual office - and walking upstairs to work has been even nicer, especially when the sun shines!


  1. Hi Jenny - I can imagine the pros and the cons .. not having to travel and just get up and get on with it; while that banter and keeping up with life of one's colleagues - and seeing how they're getting on - is a great part of working.

    Enjoy the journey in to the city centre ... it'll be a shock that extra hour there and back - still I'm sure you'll put it to use ...

    Take care -cheers Hilary

  2. I hope that never happens to me; I bought a house mainly on the strength of it being just 10 minutes walk from work!

  3. The hour's commute would bother me- I'm so used now to being five minute's walk from my campus.

  4. That's a very long commute. I would have a hard time leaving that office. You are encouraging to me...beautiful image!

  5. Sorry that your commute is getting longer. Time to visit the library and take out some books that you have long wanted to read.


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