Friday, 25 March 2016

Shadows - up Spook Hill!

It's a great delight lately to have one of those rare days when the sun shines brightly enough to create some shadows!

I've started having a very short lunchtime walk 'round the block' when I'm at work. It only takes ten minutes but the area around my temporary workplace is really pretty uninspiring and desperately lacking in places to go (especially compared to my habitual jaunt along the canal and around Salts Mill). However, even a brief foray outside to stretch the legs and release the mind, is, I feel, a good thing to do.

So it is: across the car park, up a bit of a hill (Spook Hill in my mind!), past the old but still functioning textile mill, through a 'dark canyon' between the old buildings where no sun ever penetrates, past the shabby but busy little sandwich shop (all those workers have got to eat), past the scrapyard that seems to extend across both sides of the road and onto the pavements too (marvelling at the way they can pierce a car windscreen with the prongs of a forklift truck to lift them on to a pile - and how a broken car windscreen appears to be made up of thousands of little turquoise gems), past a couple of old and beleaguered terraced houses (fancy living in the middle of an industrial estate and next to a scrapyard?), along a snicket beside the railway and back down to work again, enjoying a brief but interesting vista across the whole city, which lies in a bowl below the surrounding hills.

Even on such an uninspired walk, I enjoyed the shadow pattern created by a few spindly little trees and some railings.


  1. That's a very creative picture !

  2. Your text makes the place sound intriguing even if you do dismiss it as uninspiring. It sounds so scruffy and uncared for.

  3. The pic is great! The walk sounds rather dismal.

  4. It ends up looking quite abstract!

  5. You are not only a good photographer but a good writer too. You painted a good picture of your lunchtime walk but what is a 'snicker'. Love the word but what does it mean?

    1. A snicket is a northern dialect word for a narrow path between things - a passageway, an alley, a ginnel.

  6. Getting out for a walk during your lunch break is a very smart and healthy thing to do. Sorry the current environment isn't very inspiring. I hope you get back to your previous worksite again before you retire this fall.


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