Thursday, 21 April 2016

Festival time!

There were lots of people about in Saltaire last weekend... What's going on?...

The educational barge 'The Kennett' is moored on the canal. That usually indicates a festival - and, yes, the year has properly kicked off now, with the first of the big annual festivals. It was World Heritage Weekend, celebrating this beautiful and historic community's World Heritage Site status. The theme this year was 'Leisure' and you could join a guided walk through Saltaire and up to Shipley Glen, exploring the wonderful stories of how Saltaire's park and the countryside around used to be (still is!) a magnet for people seeking to escape the crowded city. There are still traces (if you know where to look) of the Victorian pleasure grounds that used to draw crowds to the amusements and fairground rides.


  1. Looks like that's a very fun place!

  2. These canal boats always look so inviting.

    Just reading your write-up, your fondness for your town comes through clearly.


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