Thursday, 26 May 2016

Above Haworth

I made a pilgrimage to Haworth recently. It feels good for mind, soul and body to take a brisk walk on those windswept moors above the village. The views of landscape and sky from Penistone Hill, the highest point in the area, are simply stunning. This is looking west across Lower Laithe Reservoir, with the village of Stanbury in the middle distance.

What, then, would you think if you came across this odd structure (below) in the middle of the moors?  Find out what it is tomorrow...


  1. Amazing view. The first thing that comes to mind is over sized house in mid-construction, or halted construction.

  2. That first shot is amazing, Jenny!

  3. That first scene takes the breath away.

    My guess: it is a set for a movie or TV show.

  4. Ditto what Jack said Jenny, that is the epitome of an idyllic English rural village scene, j'adore!

  5. I have some perceptive readers, Jack and Grace - you are correct.


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