Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Bingley Show 2016 - 
Do you recall the winner of last year's knitted handicraft section, a delightful Teddy Bears' Picnic?
The same lady has been busy again, this year taking both first and second prizes with some harvest mice and a bears' knitting circle.  Very clever and very cute. The detail is amazing. 


  1. To paraphrase Mr Ian Dury - "there ain't half some clever knitters".

  2. Too fab! Love that even the picnic blanket is knitted 😃

  3. Very talented! The second one's my favourite.

  4. I loved her displays too. She's one marvellous knitter. I'm glad I wasn't after a big prize in the yarncrafts section, cos I doubt I could ever beat her!!! :)
    Elizabeth (winner of the handicrafts plate this year - wow!)


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