Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stomping in Leeds

I had to venture into the big city (Leeds) to do some shopping. It will be good, in retirement, to be able to avoid Saturdays, when the city centre is packed and the queues for the changing rooms are endless... Saturdays do have the advantage, however, that there are lots of buskers around, so that walking through the streets is very much enlivened by a variety of genres of music, from rock and pop through classical to 'world' music.

This trio, the Leeds City Stompers, were terrific and drew a huge crowd. Christopher Fox, Martyn Roper and Jack Amblin sing and play guitar, drums, double bass and washboard between them. Their style draws on vintage blues, ragtime, swing and folk music, harking back to 1920s Prohibition-era America and up to the 1950s. They sounded great and encouraged lots of folk to dance. Some fantastic dancing too! It was hard to stand still! Good to see people enjoying themselves - dancers, musicians and watching crowd alike.


  1. Seeing that would definitely make shopping more fun!

  2. One rarely sees a washboard anymore.


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