Friday, 2 September 2016

Timeless grandeur

Anyone recognise this place? It's Chatsworth House, the ancestral home of the Duke of Devonshire, in Derbyshire. My sister and I arranged to meet there for a day out. Unfortunately, even though we had had some lovely summer weather for a few days, on this day it deserted and was replaced by low cloud and torrential rain. Such a pity, as I'd been looking forward to getting some good photos of what is a very beautiful building, set in wonderful gardens and parkland.

We mostly stayed indoors, in the tea room and touring the interior, though we did have a short, soggy and muddy walk round the immediate environs of the house. This was the best photo I managed! The house is undergoing a huge renovation, outside and in, and much of it is covered in scaffolding. Furthermore, they were erecting a (rather ugly) temporary structure in the garden that looked like mushrooms a stage or bandstand, as though it might host a concert. Disappointing... I will have to pay another visit.

Do take a look at the website here for much better photos and some interesting info about the house.

PS Just seen on TV that there is a huge Country Fair there this weekend, so no doubt the preparations were related to that. Hope they have better weather than I did


  1. Bad luck but you did manage a nice shot. You must return.

  2. Yes, I'm familiar with it. I've seen it in a documentary, and I believe also used for films. It is beautiful.

  3. Such a disappointment for you! Somehow I missed ring there when I was in the area. Another time.


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