Thursday, 27 October 2016

Autumn woodland

By and large, English woods are nowhere near as spectacular in their autumn colour as the renowned woodlands of North America. It's the pops of red from the sugar maples that punctuate and give vibrance to those vistas. You rarely find maples in this country in ancient woodland, since they were mainly introduced to country estates and gardens. Nevertheless, the gentle autumn tones of green and gold are pleasing to the eye.

Grass Woods, near Grassington in Wharfedale, are best appreciated in spring when the bluebells and wild garlic flower abundantly. In autumn, they have a softer story to tell.


  1. Beautiful woodlands even without bright autumn colours. It looks magical and mysterious like out of a story book.

  2. We haven't had a super display of color here this year - I think the summer was too dry!

  3. Beautiful images! Yes, we don't get spectacular displays of autumn colours in this country, but nature, light and mood are still very beautiful in autumn.


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