Friday, 14 October 2016

Green Panther

Chipping Steam Fair - This metallic green was a thrilling colour. I like the abstract image but the whole car - a 1974 Panther J72 - was rather thrilling and beautiful too. It was for sale; it could have been yours for a mere £27000!  Though how you drive one on the road, heaven knows... Imagine trying to turn out of a side road with that amount of bonnet (hood!) sticking out, before you could see what was coming! (Yup, I'm so practical...)


  1. It's a gorgeous old beauty Jenny but I see your point 😀 Happy weekend.

  2. That close-up view of the grille is simply stunning.

  3. Love the colour and the abstract interesting to see where it came from.

  4. Such a beauty! The green is striking, and your abstract image showcases it well.

    I have enough expensive hobbies. I don't need another.


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