Monday, 31 October 2016

Pink blush

Nancy's blushes, pale carmine, party surprise, rose trellis - just a few names for this shade of pink, according to the paint manufacturers' charts. Personally, I never would choose pink to decorate a room. Being a naturally fair-skinned blonde (English rose, I guess) I do, however, like to wear pink, and have a sweater in a similar colour to this geranium. The plant was in the greenhouse that runs along one side of the walled garden at Scargill House. Despite the lateness of the season it was full of flowers, including some late flowering sweet peas that filled the air with their delightful fragrance.


  1. A beautifully soft shade of pink and I can imagine how well it would suit your colouring.

  2. Whoever thinks up these names for paint colours? I'm particularly thinking about "Magnolia", which isn't the colour of any flowers I've seen, and "Teal" which isn't even close to the colour of the bird or its eggs. My geraniums are still flowering outside in the garden though frost is forecast for later in the week.

  3. It is a very fine, delicate photo of a delicate flower in a delicate color. You must be fetching in your light pink sweater.


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