Friday, 28 October 2016

Yarnbury lead mines

The scene on the hills above the village of Grassington, in Wharfedale, is very different today from two hundred years ago. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, the Yarnbury lead mines employed about 170 people and, for a time, were very prosperous. Today little remains but the traces of some of the workings and buildings, bell pits, spoil heaps and a solitary chimney. It's a bit bleak on a rainy day! But well worth a visit and I might go back in kinder weather to explore further.  

Nowadays there are just sheep and a few tourists.

The former mine offices and agent's house are now residential properties; very attractive buildings, though the setting, a few miles outside Grassington up a steep and narrow track, is remote and a bit bleak.


  1. Yes I went years back, well done!

  2. Bleak, yes, but there's something appealing in that quality.

  3. It looks rather desolate, Jenny!

  4. How beautiful! And that bench just makes the photo in the first one!

  5. I always love the lush greens and browns of your Yorkshire photos, but the stark black and white stopped me in my tracks. Wonderful! You have my permission now to use (sparingly, of course) some occasional black and white, too.


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