Thursday, 3 November 2016

Trains, cars and hot dinners

I've shown variations of this picture before, but the scene still pleases me. It is a high viewpoint you can only get on the rare occasions that the top floor of Salts Mill is opened to the public. The grimy windows only add to its appeal, I think. The window overlooks Saltaire station; a train to Leeds is just drawing up to the platform. The building across the road is now part of Shipley College and was the Dining Hall in Victorian Saltaire, built to supply the mill workers with nutritious hot meals. There is a tunnel under the road, connecting the Mill to the Dining Hall.

I notice that part of Victoria Road has recently been marked out as bays for 'Car Club only'. I was not aware that there was a Car Club in the area, though they have been talking about it for years. For many years I didn't have a car and longed for the facility to be available locally, just for those occasions when I really needed a vehicle for a short time. Now I have a car... so I don't need the Car Club. Typical!

(Photo taken a few weeks ago before the trees started to look very autumnal.)


  1. I was lucky that the top floor of the mill was open when I was there. Fabulous space!


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