Saturday, 3 December 2016

More waterfalls

Iceland holiday - Iceland has a number of spectacular waterfalls. Gullfoss (see a couple of posts back) is perhaps the most famous but some of the others are as interesting and beautiful in their own way. I particularly liked this one, Seljalandsfoss, with its slender columns of water. The water originates from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier (whose volcano was the one that erupted in 2010, bringing chaos to air travel). It falls 60m and visitors can walk behind it into a small cave. (I didn't, as the area was too wet and slippery and I didn't want to risk either myself or my camera.)

We also visited the nearby Skógafoss, which is a similar height but broader and very dramatic. It was raining again and the site was heaving with visitors by the time we arrived.


  1. I really like this one, Jenny!

  2. Beautiful shot! You got there at the perfect time Jenny, but it's good to see the person here to get perspective.

  3. Did the photographers pass that red jacket around and take turns standing up there?


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