Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The fence

You may recall that this area suffered terrible flooding a year ago on Boxing Day 2015. (See here) There are still a few homes and businesses struggling to get back up and running but, by and large, everything has recovered, thanks to enormous efforts from local communities. The Bingley allotments where my friend has a plot were badly damaged. I had the idea to make and sell greetings cards (see here for the story) to raise funds to help them replace some of the fencing and sheds. I am proud to say that we raised over £1000 from the project. It has contributed to the sparkling new metal fence, in my photo, which separates the allotments from the public right of way that goes into Myrtle Park. A large section of the old Victorian railings was swept away by the floodwater.


  1. Quite a high fence, and I like the sense of depth to this shot.

  2. WELL DONE with the greetings cards! Very well done, I mean.
    And I looked at the amazing images from last year, what happened looked really terrible!

  3. Well done! And it makes a striking photograph!


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