Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bradford Industrial Museum

The coming series of photos were taken last year on a camera club trip, this time with the Ilkley club I belong to, to Bradford's Industrial Museum. I haven't had space to post them before. The museum is local for me and I have been many times before. I don't usually take my tripod but I did this time, as without one it is pretty tricky to get good, sharp shots inside.  I am not a great fan of shooting on a tripod, I have to say. It always feels like grappling with an octopus! (Even though it only has three legs.)

Maybe I have never been on a weekday before but there seemed to be a lot going on, with people working in the display areas and many of the machines actually working. It made me realise why so many mill workers ended up deaf. The noise of those spinning and weaving machines is incredible. Outside this old tram was parked up. It is a horse-drawn tram, pulled by a horse but running on tracks. Sadly the working horses they used to keep at the museum have been 'retired' as a cost-cutting measure.


  1. I love these old museum exhibits and look forward to this series. Have you ever tried using a monopod? Especially amusing in NT properties which ban tripods and don't know what on earth to do about monopods!

  2. That pic is a real blast from the past!

  3. The architecture impresses me, and reminds me a bit of a building I remember from childhood.


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