Friday, 3 March 2017

If you go down to the woods today...

In between Storm Doris and the next band of rain and wind, we had one lovely, sunny, springlike day, when it seemed criminal to stay at home. So off I tootled, for a walk in the woods alongside the river at Bolton Abbey. It was all so beautiful and I enjoyed the way the views opened out between the trees as the path rose and fell. I walked from the Cavendish Pavilion as far as the aqueduct bridge and back past the Strid, almost four miles of easy walking. When I was nearing the bridge my eye was caught by a group of people on the opposite bank, which I assumed to be a large group of hikers. A little further on and I was politely prevented, by a security guard, from walking further.

It turned out that the BBC were filming a new historical drama, to be screened this autumn.  (My life these days seems to involve an awful lot of film crews!! ) Called 'Gunpowder', the drama is about the failed plot in 1605 to oust King James I. It stars Kit Harington (of 'Game of Thrones'), Liv Tyler, Mark Gatiss and Peter Mullan.

From where I was standing waiting I couldn't really see much, but they were using a drone to film a scene on the bridge. They did a few takes and then all the actors walked back along the path. I've no idea who they were, from that distance, but there are swords, capes, ruffs and plentiful beards involved! I'm sure it'll be explosive! 

(PS: Having watched the drama, I can now identify some of the cast below as Shaun Dooley [Sir William Wade], Mark Gatiss [Sir Robert Cecil] in the green hat, and a couple of actors playing the Spanish lords.)

Eventually, they let me continue my walk. A little further on they were packing up lights, cameras and one of those iconic clapperboards. Then all retreated to their little camp in the woods. It amazes me how much effort goes in to making films and TV shows and how many people it involves. They'd even placed more clumps of grass on the bridge, for effect. Further on, there was a huge encampment of film-related caravans and trucks in one of the Bolton Abbey car parks, so they must be doing a good deal of filming in the area. 


  1. Funny I was thinking about the Strid only the other day. Jenny I am so pleased you did not try to jump across it in the "false" direction. We would like to keep you a little longer, please!

  2. Beautiful view in that first shot! We occasionally see film crews here. They do tote a lot of gear with them.

    Now I'll have that song in my head all day!

  3. They put in a lot of effort for what is often a very short scene!

  4. What fun ! If you'd just seen the costumed actors first, you might have thought you'd fallen through a time warp!

  5. How exciting to be able to watch all of that going on! I'm glad you were able to share it with us.

  6. Something different to see on your wak. It is amazing how they can disguise 2017 to look like years ago.


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