Thursday, 20 April 2017

Buckden circular walk

Easter Monday was a promising day weather-wise, intermittent weak sunshine but thankfully dry - a fine day for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales. There's a lovely circular walk in Upper Wharfedale from Buckden round through Cray, Yockenthwaite and Hubberholme, about eight miles altogether. The first part is pretty steep, up a fine Roman road on the flanks of Buckden Pike. Once that is conquered the walk is along wide and mostly level footpaths with lovely views, then coming down into the very pretty Langstrothdale, and returning through meadows alongside the river.

The limestone scenery really looks at its best in Spring, the light colours of the rock and walls set off by blue sky, white clouds and fresh spring greens. Primroses and tiny violets were in bloom, I saw my first swallows of the year and delighted in watching the newborn lambs. The one below seemed to think mum made a fine climbing frame.


  1. I remember doing precisely the same walk with my brother a few years back. Your pictures bring it all back as the time of year and weather were also very similar.

  2. Yorkshire is so beautiful! Love the little lamb.

  3. I feel like I took a walk....what beautiful scenery and photos. The last one made me laugh....nothing like being climbed on!

  4. Beautiful photographs
    The water and stonewall are interesting subjects to paint.

  5. Each photograph is more perfect than the one before. You got a little laugh out of me with the lamb treading on mama.


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