Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kildwick church

Despite having a population of less than 200, the village of Kildwick, situated between Silsden and Skipton, has an enormous church, St Andrew's. It is very old. An Anglo-Saxon church stood here before the Norman Conquest and fragments of 9th century crosses have been found. Much of the existing church dates back to the time of Henry VIII. It was lengthened in the 15th and 16th centuries and some restoration was undertaken in Victorian times (1873).  It is now one of the longest churches in Yorkshire and is known as 'The Lang Kirk of Craven' (Craven being the name for this part of Yorkshire, around Skipton).

It has two burial grounds, one on either side of the canal, but burials are only allowed now into existing graves. However, its surroundings are lovely. The church was locked so I couldn't go in but they have made a Lent Labyrinth in the church yard, laid out with mown grass and miniature daffodils. It was good to take a few minutes of quiet, walking and praying the Labyrinth.


  1. Impressively long if a little on the squat side. Shame that it was locked.


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