Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Perfect peace

By the time I reached the far end of Newmillerdam lake, there were few people about and it was a scene of real peace in the sunshine. I crossed a little bridge and walkway across the lake and plunged into Bushcliff Wood, emerging to cross a road and then meander through the Seckar Wood nature reserve.

Seckar Wood is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) with a mixture of woodland, wet heath and dry heathland. Home to some rare plants, it was originally part of the Wentworth estate until the 1920s when it was bought by a local photographer, Warner Gothard Jnr. He managed a business that was known for producing postcards featuring montages of local and national events - anything from Royal visits to local accidents and disasters. (See here. Fascinating - and now highly collectible!)  He planned to build a house on the land but that never happened, although there is a walled pond that was at one time used as a swimming pool. Now the area is managed as a nature reserve by Wakefield Council's Countryside Service.


  1. Looks like a fine day for a walk.

  2. If you go to either of the links and click on Postcard Index you'll get a list of his jolly images which you can then see by clicking on the little camera icon beside each one. I must say that receiving a postcard with pictures of those killed in a recent disaster would really cheer up my day (NOT!). I see he was originally a fen man, from Littleport, which probably explains a lot.

  3. It does look peaceful, Jenny!

  4. Such lovely walks you take us on!


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