Sunday, 4 June 2017

More postcards from Saltaire

Saltaire Arts Trail 2017
The popular postcard display in the church was back for the second year running. People are invited to create postcard size artworks, which are then sold off to raise money for a local charity: The Cellar Trust, which supports people recovering from mental health problems.

Many of the small art works are exquisite.  There were photos and embroidery, paintings and collages. These were some that caught my eye. The one top left was a collage of strips of paper. The attractive cat was a watercolour, as was the rainbow skyline. I particularly enjoyed a series made by young children (only 5 and 6 years old) at the local primary school showing their reflections on Saltaire. I thought the one shown (bottom right) was a very mature and pleasing piece.


  1. They are all lovely -- and the child's piece is, indeed, mature. Amazing!


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