Monday, 19 June 2017

Where did you get that hat?

Dancers from the Crook Morris side were wearing colourful flower-bedecked hats - with the odd mouse hiding among the blooms!

The Flag Crackers wore a wide variety of wacky headgear, many decorated with pheasant feathers, badges and greenery.

The gentleman below had a top hat with a couple of sunloungers and a pool on top! Not to mention various miniature drinks bottles around the sides... all empty!

The lady below seems to have a tiger in her tank. (Oh dear, knowing that catchphrase rather dates me, doesn't it?) 


  1. At the time Harold Wilson also borrowed the TV ad, saying of Transport Minister Barbara Castle "she is the tiger in my tank". Originally from Blackburn, she introduced the 70mph speed limit.

  2. We had tiger in the tank ads here too. Those hats are wild, Jenny!

  3. The close ups of the facial paint seem to evoke something quite old. A pre-Norman or even pre-Saxon concept?


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