Monday, 31 July 2017

Handicrafts and produce

It's such fun exploring the handicrafts and produce marquees at Bingley Show (though I was melting in the heat under the canvas!) My friend's mum, who has won prizes several times in the past for her knitted toys, is now selling them through her daughter's craft shop, so she's no longer eligible to compete as an amateur. Somebody equally talented appears to have taken up the vacant place; her doll and teddy were really cute.

The muffs below are called Fidget or Twiddle Muffs and are made for people with dementia, whose restless hands appreciate something to stroke and play with. 

There was a category for multi-coloured jelly! (Whatever next?) It made a nice picture. 

The home-made wines and liqueurs also made a nice picture - and, no doubt, a tasty drink.

Who knew there were so many sizes and colours of eggs? 


  1. The knitted work is lovely, but I am fascinated by the variety of sizes and colours of those eggs!

  2. Good selection of pictures
    The knitted sweater on the teddy bear, I wouldn't mind wearing one like it myself.

  3. I'm really impressed by all of those eggs too!


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