Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I've now fulfilled a minor ambition by spending a day at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate. It's huge! So much to see... never realised how many breeds of sheep there are, not to mention cattle, pigs, rabbits etc. It was a grand day out, as they say round here.

I was utterly charmed by the alpacas, which are now farmed in Yorkshire for their wool. Sir Titus Salt would have been amazed, I'm sure, since it was alpaca wool imported from South America that made him his fortune. It is beautifully soft wool, so you can see why he was inspired to find a way of using it. The animals are rather cute, with gorgeous doe-eyes, but
at the same time extremely haughty-looking, nose in the air! I rather fell for this one. It had been largely shorn of its thick coat, except for its very woolly legs.

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