Thursday, 23 July 2009

Boarding houses

Back in Saltaire again - and I'm going to be getting worried if the weather continues so dull and damp. Grey flat light is no good to a photographer! The village can look a bit dour even on a quite nice day...Oh well, we moan about the British weather but we can't do anything to change it.

This photo shows some of the first dwellings to be built in Saltaire. Completed in 1854, these three-storey houses on Albert Terrace were intended as boarding houses for younger single workers. They were not especially popular, people preferring to lodge with families, and so eventually they were let as houses.

Albert Terrace, still with its original cobbles, and Albert Road (both named after Prince Albert) define two of the perimeters of the village. The main thoroughfare, along which all the major buildings stand, forms a third side of the grid and was called Victoria Street (now Road) to honour the Queen. Before Saltaire was built, this was a pre-existing lane, Dixon Mill Lane, which
originally led to a small corn mill on the site where Salt's larger mills were built.

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