Monday, 6 July 2009

Canal over river

Another such beautiful day, thought it would be a waste not to get out for a walk, so I headed off, as usual, along the canalbank... lots of people had the same idea: ramblers, amblers, dogwalkers and cyclists. The sun was so strong overhead that it wasn't great for photos, but I took a few anyway! I'm fascinated by how the river, canal, railway and roads all interweave in this part of the Aire valley, which is quite narrow. A few years ago, in a great feat of civil engineering, they actually moved part of the canal several yards sideways to make room for a new fast road through Bingley, (the next town up the valley from Saltaire).

The Georgians must have had great civil engineers too. Here you can see the Dowley Gap aqueduct ,
built in the 1770s, that carries the canal over the river, about half-a-mile outside Saltaire.

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