Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Canal, road and rail in Bingley

Not a great photo but it does show how the 'by-pass' was squeezed in between the canal (which had to be moved) and the railway in Bingley. (To see a couple of photos showing the road under construction, click this link.) It's odd how, before something like that is done, you can never imagine how it could be achieved - and then, only a couple of years later, it's really hard to recall what it used to be like. It's arguable whether it has solved any problems. The traffic moves much faster through Bingley, but then still grinds to a halt in Shipley and Saltaire, and no-one can agree on the solution. There is talk of a road tunnel under Saltaire village, but I honestly can't see how that would be feasible. The arguments continue....Just goes to show that in every generation there are issues. For the Victorians it was the squalor of the city, for us its the traffic. And now, as then, we really need people of vision.

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  1. At exactly the position of the yellow car, a large crane stood. It was used for lifting coal out of the barges. The coal yard belonged to Glovers of Bingley who distributed coal using horse and cart, later small Bedford lorries to supply household coal throughout the area.


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