Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The weather was glorious last Saturday, developing into one of those quintessential summer days of blue sky and fluffy clouds. (Well, some of them were greyish early on, but they didn't rain a single drop.) I went for a long circular walk, a good 7 miles. I set off up the ridge behind Saltaire, from where you get wonderful views of Saltaire.

This panorama gives a good idea of the setting of Saltaire (especially if you click on it to make it bigger). You can pick out the two mill chimneys (1 Salts Mill 2 New Mill) and, at 3, the domed tower of Saltaire Church. You can also see how big the actual mill complex is, compared to the size of the village. Saltaire village only comprises the densely packed houses to the back and right of the mills. The houses in the foreground, far background, on the right of the church tower and the left of Salts Mill chimney are not part of Sir Titus's Saltaire.

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