Monday, 12 October 2009

Another Saltaire lion

Here's another small detail I noticed, passing a doorway in Saltaire village one day - a lion's head door-knocker. I think it was a house in Shirley Street, but I can't now be sure of that. By the way, Shirley was a man, not a woman! In keeping with Titus Salt's tradition of using family names, this street was named after his grandson, Shirley Harris (1857-1920), who was William Henry's son. He would have been only four when the street was given his name - I wonder if he was taken along it and told about it being called after him?

I think the lion looks a bit worried - maybe he wants to roar and can't...Or maybe it's the thought of the big lions on Victoria Road (see June 20) which are reputed to roam round Saltaire at dead of night. Talking of which, the Saltaire Calendar for 2010 shows these lions getting into all kinds of unusual places!


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I would like to have a door-knocker like this-:)

    Best regards

  2. Fantastic shot !! We have few of these kind of at our home on Doors.Unseen Rajasthan


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