Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn colour

I just loved the colours in this particular spot. The autumn colours seem especially rich this year... or is it that I'm in an appreciative mood? The photo is taken from the drive of Saltaire URC, just in front of the church, looking down towards the Leeds-Liverpool canal. The building just seen on the right is the Stables. And in the background are the woods that skirt Shipley Glen.


  1. Ah Shipley Glen! I have such memories of it as a child. The little railway that went up the hill, the funfare at the top. What remains of all that? (surely it is part of Saltaire and therefore may we hope that you might cover it in SDP at some stage)

  2. Hi Jenny,

    The colours are magnificant. Autumn is a very beautiful season.

    Best regards

  3. The colors, excuse me colours, are quite lovely. I especially like early Autumn with almost as much colour on the ground as still on the trees.


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