Monday, 26 October 2009

Detail, Saltaire URC

The Salt Family Mausoleum, shown yesterday, is in a little annexe off the nave of (what is now) Saltaire United Reformed Church, formerly the Congregational Church. I posted a photo of the interior of the church itself on 22 June, and the photo above shows some of the decorative detail of the ceiling. It is very ornate, but very attractive, I think.

The photograph below is of one of the two elaborate Victorian chandeliers, which are made of glass and ormolu (gilded brass). I used to think they were totally OTT for a church, but as time goes on I have come to rather like them.

I'm a bit annoyed with myself that this photo is not precisely symmetrical. I lay on the floor to take it and obviously was not quite positioned under the centre of the light. I've been back many times to try it again, but I have never found the lighting conditions to be as good as they were on this occasion. It doesn't work when the lights are on, and often the interior of the church is a little too dark for this kind of photography. That will teach me that I have to be less self-conscious as a photographer - but it was hard not to be, with tourists stepping over my body as I lay in the aisle!

[PS: Grateful thanks to my friend Sixstars in New Zealand for his hints on how to get two photos interwoven with text on a blog post, which I hadn't been able to do before. The trick is to download the photos first and type second. Isn't the blogger community wonderful, that someone right the other side of the world can help in an instant?]

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  1. The blogging community is indeed wonderful (as are your photographs, symmetrical or not). So continuing in the same vein, how do you managed to get paragraph breaks of just one line, whenever I put in a blank line between paragraphs it always leaves two!


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