Friday, 2 October 2009

Dot Jewellery - robbed!

Since Victorian times, Victoria Road in Saltaire has been the main parade of shops in the village. The frontages are little changed, though the shops sell fewer everyday necessities and more luxury items these days. Dot Jewellery is a relative newcomer to Saltaire. The owner, John Bradley, designs and makes bespoke jewellery, so that you can buy a piece unique to you. The designs are contemporary and unusual - the perfect 'statement piece'.

On the day the Saltaire Festival began, the jewellery shop was attacked by two men armed with a scimitar and an axe. The shopkeeper bravely fought them off, and thankfully I don't think he was badly injured. Some of the display cases were smashed, but I don't know how much the robbers managed to steal. I haven't heard either whether the police have managed to track down the robbers, though I know they found the getaway car abandoned a few streets away. It's quite a shock when something like that happens round here, as normally Saltaire is a very peaceful and friendly little community.

(Apologies that this post is late. My internet connection went wrong.... wow, that really does raise my heart-rate! Anyway, with a little advice from the man in the Apple store, I've sorted it - hurray!)

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  1. I like the frontage of the building. Too bad about the robbery. Who the heck walks around robbing stores with a scimitar or an axe? Sounds pretty bizarre, but I hope they are caught soon.


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