Saturday, 17 October 2009

Green door

Continuing with yesterday's theme, here's another hint of the 1930s: the front door of a house in Saltaire, showing clearly the leaded glass. This was a popular feature in houses in towns and in the new 'suburban estates' that were springing up all over Britain. A lot of the houses actually built in the 1930s were semi-detached - but many of the new owner-occupiers of Saltaire's Victorian cottages were not averse to copying the features of more modern properties.

Incidentally, if you compare this photo with the one I posted on Wednesday, you can also see the difference in the stone work. This house has had its stone cleaned. The houses in the Little and Large photo still show the blackened stone, characteristic of so many older properties in British cities -
the accumulated grime of 150 years of pollution.

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