Saturday, 31 October 2009

A kind of freedom...

I keep coming back to this photo as being one of my favourites......not necessarily one of my best photos or the most creative of images, but still a favourite. I like the sense of the movement of the boat through the water. I also like the way the winter trees are just beginning to show green. As we are headed in the opposite direction right now, with the leaves falling, it's good to remember that new growth comes in its time. Many times I've thought I would like to hop onto this boat and chug off on a gentle adventure. "Nutmeg" is a familiar sight along this part of the Leeds-Liverpool canal - you can hire it (her?) for a holiday from Snaygill Boats. This boat even has a bath on board!!

I also include this today to wish my friend a long and happy retirement: hope you'll enjoy a kind of freedom...

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