Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Perfect tree

Is this the perfect tree? I think it has an amazing shape. It is quite natural - no-one trims it; it just grows every year in this very contained way, like a tree from a child's picture book. I'm pretty sure it's a type of rowan or mountain ash, though it's not quite like the usual variety. It has white blossom in spring, red berries in the autumn, then it changes to lovely autumnal shades before it loses its leaves. Against the backdrop of Saltaire's famous Salts Mill, I think it's rather special.

There's a Scottish song that goes : 'Oh Rowan tree, oh rowan tree, Thou'lt aye be dear to me.' Very apt. Apparently the rowan tree has a lot of folklore attached to it - it used to be thought that it protected against witchcraft. (Maybe it does - I haven't noticed many witches in Saltaire!)


  1. I'm sure I remember singing that song in Junior School. There is a Blogger called John F from the States who every day posts a sketch of a tree. He is supposed to be visiting these parts next year. I must remember to take him to Saltaire to see the famous Rowan Tree.

  2. Thats funny maybe the tree doesn't need trimming because its fully grown.
    In response to your question I download the pics first then, in the compose window click between them and type away.
    You can then bold the text or change colours or center with the tool bar icons.
    I found typing first gives some strange results and editing in HTML window sometimes good and sometimes has unexpected results.

  3. In my own personal opinion all trees are special. During the course of one my projects - "Tree Stories". I have done a fair bit of research and if you are interested in the myth, folklore and healing powers of Trees then purchase or read a copy of the following book: "TREE WISDOM" - The definitive guidebook by Jacqueline Memory Paterson.


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