Sunday, 18 October 2009


I can't believe what a beautiful, dry and mild autumn we're having in England. I went out yesterday with some good friends for a most wonderful walk. We travelled up into the Yorkshire Dales to Stainforth in Ribblesdale (about 30 miles north-west of Saltaire). Someone had told us we might see salmon leaping up the waterfalls called Stainforth Force - but we didn't. Nevertheless we had a lovely walk, up onto the hills and then down to the river. The trees are beautiful right now and, though there was cloud cover and only fitful sunshine, the light was good, the air was fresh and the company very congenial.

My photograph shows a stretch of the River Ribble with the limestone cliffs of Stainforth Scar in the background. Click on it to make it bigger - then you can tell that the white blobs are sheep!


  1. You are so very lucky to live not far away from a very beautiful part of the country. Yes this time of year is special with a bit of sunshine and all the wonderful colours and hues that nature presents us with at this time of year.


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