Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Saltaire church

I posted a picture of the outside of the church - Saltaire Congregational Church (now known as Saltaire URC) - on July 3, but it is worth another look. I'm always fascinated by how different things appear in different lights and seasons. We are so fortunate in the UK to have such varied seasons. We all moan about the cold and the rain, but in truth that's the lifeblood of the country. I often imagine it would be lovely to wake up and know, without even looking outside, that it was going to be a warm, dry day - every day. But in reality I love the changing seasons and the natural rhythm that gives to the year. Although the evenings are dark and the days getting shorter, autumn is a lovely time...gentle light, misty mornings and all the wonderful fruitfulness of nature.


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Beautiful little church.
    I agree with you. Autumn is a beautiful season with lots of colours.

    Best regards

  2. I suppose what you say about the weather is true, but the very variety of the weather moods and patterns means that we always have something to moan about. And there is nothing we in Yorkshire like better than a good moan.

  3. Later : Thanks for your kind words. Could there perhaps be something about a hearing disability which makes one look at things more closely?
    Kind regards, Alan.


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