Thursday, 17 December 2009

Foggy day, Saltaire

I'm not generally fond of the dull, damp, misty weather we get so much of in winter in England. I'd rather have a crisp, cold, frosty day. But the fog adds a lot of atmosphere to Saltaire. This view of Albert Terrace, one of the few remaining cobbled streets in the village, could almost have been taken 150 years ago. Normally you would be able to see the chimney of Salts Mill, right at the end of the street, but on this morning the fog was so thick it blotted out the chimney altogether. The street lamp is sadly no longer a gas lamp but has been converted to electric.

I must admit to a bit of Photoshop trickery on this one, airbrushing out the double yellow lines and burglar alarms. But I think the end result vindicates that.


  1. The end result does indeed. You had me fooled, I immediately thought it might be an old negative re-scanned. New or old, lovely shot.

  2. Great b&w shot; one of the few cases where photoshop adds to the shot. I think so often people get hooked on the filters and effects, and then it shows. Nice one that could almost be a period shot.

  3. This is an excellent composition. It feels timeless.

    If I tried to photoshop a burglar alarm, or anything else, out I'd botch it up every time.

  4. fog and light..wonderful atmosphere.congratulation !..


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