Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

As 2009 becomes 2010, I wish you all a very happy New Year. How many of you, like me, are saying "Gosh, it doesn't seem two minutes since the Millennium celebrations"? Another sign of middle-age, I guess! Anyway, whatever your thoughts, I hope you enjoy celebrating tonight.

This is the bar in Saltaire called 'don't tell Titus' (see my post of 26 July for the reason behind the name). It looks really attractive at night, with its warm lighting and glimpses of people inside chatting over drinks. I imagine it will be full tonight, though I shall be partying elsewhere.


  1. Cosy looking bar, and no, it doesn't seem long since we all had the Y2K thing to worry about. Have a good New Year.

  2. thanks for popping in to say hello!
    so nice to meet new bloggers...
    will peek around more later,
    if you do not mind...


    Bradfordian David Hockney???
    i love his work--->
    The Bigger Splash
    or something like that...

    happy 2010!

  3. All the best in 2010 Jennyfreckles :)

  4. Hi Jenny and thanks for visiting and your nice wishes. Yours looks like a nice blog too and I'll be sure to visit in the future. Happy New Year and all the best in 2010!

  5. That looks so warm and welcoming on a wintry evening!

    A Happy New year from Ashton under Lyne on the other side of the snowy Pennines!

    Ashton under Lyne Daily Photo


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