Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Red boots

There is a new shop opened in Salts Mill. It's called Joules and it sells really colourful casual clothes and accessories. We hadn't been in there two minutes when a pair of bright red wellies leapt out and attached themselves firmly to my daughter. (That's her Christmas gift money spent!) A navy, red and white rugby shirt affair tried the same trick on me - but I managed to escape without it...

It's worth a look if you want something cheerful and a bit different. The clothes seem to be good quality and are averagely priced for that kind of thing. The shop takes a bit of finding if you approach from the Saltaire end of the Mill. It's on the third floor - through the café and opera sets and the antique shop (so you have to be a bit determined, to bypass all those interesting things and actually get to the shop). If you arrive from the car park entrance it's easier to locate. It's worth a visit.

I anticipate an outbreak of colourful wellies on the streets in West Yorkshire this winter - down with boring black and green!


  1. Those red boots are really an eye-catcher! Befitting colour for the winter.

  2. That looks like a very fun shop. I think your daughter made a great choice!

  3. I love my new boots thanks Mum! They have been great in the snow.


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