Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Red sky in the morning...

A couple of weeks ago (November 26) I posted a photo I took one day on my way to work, of the early morning sunlight on the mills. It was a picture that lots of people seemed to like; the light was glorious that day. Out of interest I thought I'd post another photo taken from the same spot at about the same time in the morning, last week. It looks quite different in the dawn light. The sun was just rising and casting a pinkish hue in the sky; the moon still visible as you can see. Still a peaceful scene, with not a breath of wind to disturb the reflections in the canal.

There is an old saying: 'Red sky at night, shepherds' delight; red sky in the morning, shepherds' warning' - or sailors', depending how close to the sea you happen to be. It foretells the day's weather - but even if it heralds bad weather, a red sky always looks attractive to me.

As I took this photograph, a young lad on his way to school stopped and looked expectantly over the canal bridge, thinking, I suppose, that I was finding something really interesting to snap! I said, "It's just the pink sky, you don't see it like this very often..." and he grinned and said, most sincerely, "Yes, it's gorgeous!" before going on his way. A small encounter that really made my day!


  1. Wow! last week means on or next day after full moon? coz I also took a snap of full moon that day but a different view:)

  2. Another lovely image. It's very peaceful and serene. I will have to start using more colour film I think.

  3. Saltaire is fortunate to have these monumental stacks. Here in Vancouver, and other North American cities I'd guess, they tend to be demolished because of fears that they would fall down in an earthquake.

  4. This is a real stunner of a picture. Such stillness in the canal water and the pink sky and moon is "gorgeous" as the young lad said. Now you can have a nice moment whenever you look at this picture and remember that encounter.


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