Sunday, 6 December 2009

Winter sunshine, Saltaire

About a quarter-mile west along the canal from the centre of Saltaire, a road rises up over the railway bridge, giving this elevated view of Saltaire across the fields. I took this picture last weekend; the low winter sun was catching the major buildings and really making them stand out. From left to right you can just see: the Leeds-Liverpool canal, the New Mill tower, the church tower, Salts Mill (with one of the large houses on Albert Road in front of it) and Salts Mill chimney. In some ways it's a pity the railway line spoils the beauty - but on the other hand Saltaire probably wouldn't have been built here if the railway hadn't been here first. It was the proximity to rail transport, the canal and the water supply from the River Aire that made Titus Salt choose this place, in the 1850s, as the location for his mill and village.

(This photo is best viewed large).


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Great shot!

    Best regards

  2. You were right about the "best viewed large" advice. At the original size it was a good photograph, when enlarged it was a photograph to be proud of. Such colours, such lighting.


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